It all started when he got bored….


My sweet hubby is a photographer/videographer by trade. We met in journalism school and later worked together at a small metro-daily newspaper where we became friends, fell in love and got married.

He was laid-off a few years ago so he started doing freelance. Well, this past December and January were a bit slow for him. We weren’t worried financially because we know the Lord will provide for our NEEDS. But boy was he getting stir-crazy.

Out of projects to do around our home we thought maybe we’d get a home to renovate and maybe make a few dollars on. Then he could stay busy and let his creative and handyman talents be put to go use. ¬†We contacted our amazing realtor Jill Collins and our journey began.

We visited a half-dozen homes, even put an offer in on one, but we lost it. This went on for a few weeks. Then one day, while wasting time on Facebook, I found it. Right there on a garage sale site. Our flipper.

To be continued….

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