I didn’t go looking for Jesus in the bathroom…

….but there He was in the rubble.

Ok, it wasn’t exactly Jesus himself. That would be something though!

It was a little silver and gold cross The Mister gave me for Christmas a few years ago. And like Jesus himself, it was kind of a miracle I found it.

Regular readers of this occasional blog know that when The Mister gets bored he picks up a hammer, a saw, a crow bar and starts destroying, I mean remodeling something.

This time it was our master bath. Yup, the cobbler’s children are finally getting some shoes!

When we moved into this home nearly five years ago we planned to remodel that bathroom.  I know, most people would want to keep that dingy white carpet, the chair rail with the hunter green paint on the bottom part of the wall and…..

….this sexy wallpaper!

But, I was over it and he was bored, so begins the renovation.

The Mister had a meeting at church tonight so I thought I’d do him a solid and sweep up his mess from the last few days work of moving the water lines down, installing new drywall over the old spot and pealing that lovely wallpaper off. And it would be a nice surprise for him when he got home, but I was the one who got the surprise.

As I was sweeping up and emptying the dust pan I saw the cross! And my heart sang. I lost it nearly a year ago. And boy have I missed it. I thought it was gone forever. But here it was, in the rubble. Some how it wasn’t taken out when The Mister removed the carpet, or when he removed the padding. And I had swept up several pans, and handfuls of debris. I mean, I had an entire trash bag full of stuff. It was still there! How in the world! It makes me a little weepy to think about it, how it’s here, in my hand after all this time through all the rubble.

It made me think of God himself and the promises I’ve read in the Bible, and learned in church, and heard about on mission trips. God doesn’t leave you or forsake you. You may turn from him but he’ll take you back. He’s there in the rubble of your mess, waiting anxiously for you to return.

This is comforting to me as I go through the series we’re doing at our church. It’s called Idols of the Heart and it’s an encouraging and challenging message that’ s starting to rock my world a little. Each week there’s a message, and each day there’s a short Bible passage to read with an accompanying video from our pastors. If you’re interested in learning more, just click on the hot links.

If you have walked away from Jesus, it’s not too late. He’s there waiting, with open arms. He’ll take you back, dust and all.

Also, here’s the current state of our bathroom. Makes brushing my teeth a bit challenging.







Brown toilets and bullets

I know what you’re thinking.

“They are crazy to pull that beautiful brown toilet out of that home!”

“Don’t throw away that orange toilet lid cozy!”

“Can I have it?”

Sorry, it’s already been tossed.

But get this, when the Mister pulled the brown toilet out of the hall bath you’ll never believe what he found!

A bullet!

This one was much smaller than the hollow points he found in the side yard. But still, another lost bullet.

We didn’t call the police to come and get this one, not yet. We figured we’d wait to see what else we unearthed during the rest of the renovation.

Can’t wait to see what he finds next.

In the mean time, I’m wondering why a bullet was hidden behind the toilet.

Here’s my best guesses.

Because he lost the key to the safe?

In case someone did a sneak attack on him while he was doing his business?

What’s your best guess?

When I came home there was a toilet in my front yard

The process of home improvement is, hmmm, slow, methodical, challenging, fun, exciting, maddening.

Bathrooms are especially maddening. There’s ALWAYS a surprise.

One time years ago I left for work and asked the Mister to paint the small bathroom while I was gone. We’d found this fantastic red and I couldn’t wait to see it!

When I came home there was a toilet in my front yard.

Yes, you read that right, he was to paint the bathroom. There was a toilet in the front yard. He’d found leak.

Fast forward 15 years and he’s working on this beauty.

Below: Note the rich rust tones in the stand up shower, the sky blue and white swirls of the faux marble sink top, the carpet wrapped toilet (thankfully the lid was down when I took this picture) and the hole in the floor with easy access to the crawl space.

Below: Here it is midway through the renovation. He gutted it. The only thing he saved was the medicine cabinet and the heating vent, neither are pictured here. Check back later for a final picture. We’re not quite finished yet.

Below: The hall bath wasn’t much better. It featured a brown toilet and sink, rust covered bathtub with tiny surface cracks, and nicotine stains that would make Phillip Morris proud. I was partial to the tile but it was too gross and/or damaged to keep, I just thought it looked kinda cool.

Below: After our dear friend Curt took out the tile and vanity.

Below:  Another view from before.

Below: Another midway view.

Below: After the Mister removed the tub.