How to remove carpet, hillbilly style

It ain’t your daddy’s method, or maybe it is.

This is your how-to guide on how to remove carpet that is glued to a cement floor the hillbilly way.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Boxcutter
  • Tow rope
  • Chain
  • Pickup truck (any brand will do, we prefer Chevy, mama prefers Dodge-I have no idea why)

Now just watch this short, easy-to-follow video to see how it’s done.

I’d love to hear about your carpet removal ventures and which brand of pickup truck you prefer!

No hillbillies were injured in the filming of this video.

A burning question

So, when we bought the investment property we noticed a giant, shallow hole in the yard just beyond the driveway. For weeks we’ve tried to figure out why it was there.

The Mister finally settled upon the idea that since the former resident was a mechanic that he dug out a shallow hole that he could drive over and then crawl into to work on vehicles. Neighbors said that was probably right, so, we’re going with that.

Further beyond that hole is a ginormous burn pile. I mean it’s huge. Probably 12 feet by 8 feet or more. It’s piled high with ashes.

The Mister said, let’s move some of those ashes into the hole and then put top soil on top of it. It will help us make the burn pile smaller and help us save money on fill dirt.

Friday was beautiful. I made my way out to the burn pile with shovel, pitch fork, rake, wheelbarrow and hopeful attitude.

Having seen some trash among the ashes the I thought I’d just be able to rake it out and put the sifted ashes into the barrow.

No dice. The ashes are overflowing with trash. There’s no way I would ever be able to put that into a shallow hole as fill. It would have to all be hauled off. Ashes are heavy. So is 2,000 pounds of fill dirt and 1,000 pounds of top soil.

In case you were wondering, here’s a short, non-comprehensive list to answer the burning question: What’s ok, and what’s not ok to burn?

What’s ok to burn:
• Wood.
• Things made from trees, including leaves, paper, cardboard.
• Organic things like grass clippings.
• Food. Oops, that marshmallow got too hot and fell of the stick.

What’s not ok to burn:

• Speakers
• Corningware.
• Silverware.
• Coffe cups.
• Lightbulbs.
• Car parts.
• Couches.
• Picture frames.
• Beer bottles.
• Soda cans.
• Toys.
• Starter fluid bottles.
• Oil cans.
• Tools.
• Glasses, both that you wear and that you drink out of.
• Whatever that is in the display picture at the top.

Editor’s note: This was submitted by our friend SNivens, great point!

• Poison plants. Do not burn them. Anyone who breathes the smoke can have a reaction in the lungs. Don’t put your neighbors or yourself at risk.👎🏼

Do yourself, your neighbors and the environment a favor, don’t burn your trash. Stick to the ok list.

Now it’s your turn. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve seen in a burn pile?

Look at what I can do!

Regular readers of this blog know that I like to do things fast and I don’t go near the edges. If you’re new to the blog, you can click here or here to see what I’m talking about.

So, what I’m about to say is going to blow your mind!

Are you ready?

That’s my hand, pictured at the top! Trimming! With actual paint and without tape or an edger!

I know, right!??!!

And I’m good at it.

Here’s the even weirder part:
I like it!
It’s fun!
It relaxes me!
I’m an edging maniac!

How did that happen?

Has anyone else experienced such a huge change in a work habit, almost over night? I’d love to hear about it!

When I came home there was a toilet in my front yard

The process of home improvement is, hmmm, slow, methodical, challenging, fun, exciting, maddening.

Bathrooms are especially maddening. There’s ALWAYS a surprise.

One time years ago I left for work and asked the Mister to paint the small bathroom while I was gone. We’d found this fantastic red and I couldn’t wait to see it!

When I came home there was a toilet in my front yard.

Yes, you read that right, he was to paint the bathroom. There was a toilet in the front yard. He’d found leak.

Fast forward 15 years and he’s working on this beauty.

Below: Note the rich rust tones in the stand up shower, the sky blue and white swirls of the faux marble sink top, the carpet wrapped toilet (thankfully the lid was down when I took this picture) and the hole in the floor with easy access to the crawl space.

Below: Here it is midway through the renovation. He gutted it. The only thing he saved was the medicine cabinet and the heating vent, neither are pictured here. Check back later for a final picture. We’re not quite finished yet.

Below: The hall bath wasn’t much better. It featured a brown toilet and sink, rust covered bathtub with tiny surface cracks, and nicotine stains that would make Phillip Morris proud. I was partial to the tile but it was too gross and/or damaged to keep, I just thought it looked kinda cool.

Below: After our dear friend Curt took out the tile and vanity.

Below:  Another view from before.

Below: Another midway view.

Below: After the Mister removed the tub.

Landscape tips to get the most out of selling your home

Editor’s note: We’re excited to have expert guest writer for this post!

By Joe Turpin, Fralich’s Landscape

For most homeowners, selling a home requires touching up the paint and minor cosmetic work inside the house.  What most homeowners don’t think about however is that the first thing any potential homebuyer sees is the exterior entrance to the house.

Here are some tips to help make your curb appeal, more appealing.


The easiest way to tidy up your curb appeal and maximize your dollars is by cleaning up the existing landscape.

Tidy up all plant material by pruning and cutting out any dead branches.

Power-wash decks and walks (just be careful that you don’t strip paint or gouge hardscape surfaces).

Putting down pre-emergent in early spring will help control weeds. Pre-emergent stops weeds from germinating.  Note: DO NOT USE IT if you’re trying to re-seed your lawn.

Remove any dead or overgrown plants. These will make the property look like it has been neglected.

Mulch, mulch, mulch. Fresh mulch has the same effect as new paint. It will liven and clean up your landscape beds.

Make sure you look up while cleaning, messy gutters and chipping paint can ruin the cleanest of landscapes.

Remove Yard Art

Keep your landscape as simple as possible.  Try to remove any yard decorations and novelties.  Buyers tend to go off of their first impression, what may be cute or chic to you may make your landscape look cluttered.

Draw the eye to the entry way

Having had several years in design, the first thing I think about when working on a front yard landscape is the direction of movement your eye takes to the front door.   Subconsciously, when the eye is drawn to the front door, the house seems more inviting.

The easiest method to achieve this is by using the plants from tall to short and repetitive plantings or hedges to move the eye to the door.  You can also use landscape lighting to highlight the front door at night. Yes, potential buyers will drive by your home at night. (See Landscape Lighting Below).

Add color and interest

Adding decorative pots with colorful annuals can really make an impact in the front yard without breaking the bank.  Be sure to give yourself enough time to allow plants to grow before listing.  Add a slow release fertilizer to the soil to increase plant size and remember to water regularly.

Lawn Maintenance

Make sure you keep the lawn mowed and somewhat weed free.  An unkempt lawn will give the appearance of a poorly maintained home.  The easiest method to remove weeds is to use a hose attachment pre-mixed lawn spray.  Most big box stores carry this and it is fairly simple to use.  Expect the weeds to start to disappear after a week.

If your yard is mostly weeds, be ready to grow grass.  Start by killing the weeds first.  You will want to wait at least a week to let the residual weed killer to wear off.

If you are near a rental store, a slice seeder is the best method to reseed your yard.  The slice seeder will put grooves into the yard and drop the seed.  This will keep you from needing to use straw.  Apply a turf starting fertilizer to push the new growth.

Pro-tip:  Most landscape companies use a mixture of bluegrass and rye grass.  Bluegrass takes 2 weeks to germinate so the rye grass is mixed in to establish a lawn faster until the bluegrass takes over.

Landscape Lighting

Adding exterior lighting to the landscape will give a sense of a security to your for potential buyers.  You can also use the lights to highlight the front door and draw buyers to the door at night.  Be sure to use low voltage lighting or led rather than bright fixtures.  The ultimate goal is to highlight the landscape not showcase it like a billboard.

Use landscape lights to highlight areas of interest such as ornamental trees, line pathways for visibility at night and add security by lighting dark areas around windows and back yard access.

Joseph R. Turpin is a student of Landscape Architecture with 10 years of design experience, 15 years of landscape experience and is a current designer for Fralich’s Landscape of Greenfield, Indiana.

Aaron Fralich is the owner of Fralich’s Landscape with 10 years experience in the landscape industry with a background in Agriculture

Connect with Fralich’s Landscape:,  317-477-0405,

Connect with 317MulchIt:, 317-685-2448,


Picture Credits:  all pictures are free to use from the Pixabay website or stock photos from Fralich’s Landscape.

Ugh! Why is it taking so long?

Today marks three weeks since we closed.

Just 21 days.

I know that’s not very long. But yet I feel defeated, tired, like there’s no light at the end of this remodeling tunnel. I feel like we’ll never get this home finished.

Here I thought I was a somewhat patient person. As a career photographer and videographer you have to have some patience, you know, waiting for that decisive moment to make the picture. Somehow I thought it would transfer over. The patience. But noooooo, it didn’t.

Regular readers of this blog know that I like to do things fast. I wrote a whole post on it: I have a confession to make Oh, and I’m still not going near those edges. Here’s a look at the ceiling in the family room. Aren’t those beams beautiful? Original wood, don’t think we’ll be painting those. Squirrel!

Where was I? Oh yeah. But you can’t flip a home fast. Not if you’re going to do it right. And our goal is to create a home we’d live in. We’re not just slapping paint on the walls, rolling out new carpet and calling it a day. No way.  It takes time to do it right.

We are making progress though. We’ve already gutted and remodeled the master bathroom, the Mister is still putting finishing touches on it. I’m in the process of painting the cabinets. Boy, what a tedious job! And we’ve taken out one wall, and expanded a doorway.

And, we’ve scrapped more wallpaper than we thought was humanly possible. When we took the chair rail off in the dining room we found even more! Ugh!

We’ve removed the kitchen floor, yuck! That was a smelly job!

And, picking out this much paint takes time.

Choosing the right paint is really hard for us. Because, like I said, we want to make this home into something we’d like. But with the paint color selection we have to TONE IT DOWN.

The home we live in is filled with bright, bold colors.  Here’s a very flattering picture of me in front of two walls in our home. Our kitchen wall is bright yellow and our living room was green screen green.

Yes. It’s true. We painted our wall green screen green. It was both bright and functional. (We filmed a few scenes on it, check it out below around the 4:05 mark.)

We’ve since painted that wall orange. So, as you can imagine, it’s hard for us to tone it down!

I think we did ok though finding neutral colors. When the “after” happens, I’ll be sure to share pictures!

I just wish the “after” would hurry up and get here already!






What classic 80s song is perfect for remodeling a home?

You gotta have great tunes when doing home improvement!  Everybody knows, hard work, like remodeling your home is just no fun without music.

So, what 80s rocker is perfect for playing when you go into demo mode?

I’ll give you a hint, he’s a Hoosier native. Give up? Watch this!

You get extra points if you can tell me what song opens and interrupts this video.

Comment below for a gold star.