Bless this home

When our church moved out of its storefront location into a free-standing building our pastor invited us to come in and write blessings, Bible verses and prayers on the floor before the tile was installed.

I remember kneeling near what would become a modest indoor waterfall and writing a prayer for some of my dearest family and friends who didn’t yet know Jesus. They didn’t know that he was sent to earth to cover our sins, the sins that keep us from heaven. They’d hear of him sure, but they didn’t trust him. They thought you could get to heaven by doing good works and being a “good person.”

At least two of them have come to trust Jesus, I’m still praying for the others.

I loved the idea of blessing a place. When the Mister remodeled our sunroom at the home we live in, I wrote blessings on the floor for us and anyone who enters our home. That sunroom is easily our favorite room in the house and it’s were visitors gravitate to and relax in. Many have told me how peaceful it is in there.

I knew I wanted to do the same thing at the investment property. Beyond the drama we’ve discovered that went on in this house , I wanted to really bless the new owners, and all who step foot in there.

So, as people stopped by to check it out, or to lend a hand, I asked them share their favorite verse or write a blessing or prayer.

We saw at least one contractor read a verse. Here are the ones we’ve gathered so far.

My prayer for all who enter.
A friend’s verse, the one we saw a contractor read.
This verse is close to my friend’s heart. It was one of the first he learned when he started trusting in jesus.
Probably the most popular verse in the Bible. It pretty much sums it up! This is in a child’s room.
And so is this one. Another awesome verse to lean into.

sometimes people think christians are stuffy and can’t have fun. I thought this Was perfect For the kitchen.
A pryaer for the master bedroom.
Another prayer for the master bedroom. And for me too!


I hope this post has blessed you in some way today. If it has, please share it.

Now it’s your turn. What blessing, verse or prayer would you share?

That one time when we found a clip filled with hollow points

Yeah, that’s right. The Mister was digging and unearthed a full clip of hollow point bullets.

Boy, I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed I’d be posting a blog on this topic.

I heard him call my name. I was on the other side of the house in the bed of the pickup truck tossing out mulch around a lovely hydrangea.

Our conversation went a little something like this. Some liberties may have been taken in this re-telling.

He was like, “look at what I found.”

I was like, “WHAT!!???!?!? U R KIDDING ME!!”

He was like, “yeah, maybe I’ll find the gun next.”

I was like, “we better call 5-0 cause we can’t toss this in the trash.”

He was like, “yup.”

I was like, “I’m so glad they didn’t try to burn this!”

He was like, “yup.”

I was like, “did you hit it with your shovel?”

He was like, “yup.”

I was like, “praise Jesus one didn’t go off.”

He was like, “yup.”

I called our local police department, on the non-emergency line, and they came and took the clip and bullets away. They said if we found anymore to just call them and they’ll take care of it.

The hollow point bullets weren’t really buried, more like tossed outside and accidentally covered by debris.

We knew this home had a “history” but really? Bullets in the side yard?

Who even does that? How does that happen?

Here’s a few of theories:

• There was fight over the gun and someone said, “fine, you keep the gun but you’re not getting the bullets.” And they tossed them in the side yard.

• Some tried to hide them and buried them under a rock.

• They fell out of a car.

• They fell out a moving box.

• They fell out of a trash bag someone was taking to the burn pile and it saved their life. They are lucky they didn’t use Hefty, Hefty, Hefty.

Your turn. How do you think they bullets ended up outside, partially buried?


How to remove carpet, hillbilly style

It ain’t your daddy’s method, or maybe it is.

This is your how-to guide on how to remove carpet that is glued to a cement floor the hillbilly way.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Boxcutter
  • Tow rope
  • Chain
  • Pickup truck (any brand will do, we prefer Chevy, mama prefers Dodge-I have no idea why)

Now just watch this short, easy-to-follow video to see how it’s done.

I’d love to hear about your carpet removal ventures and which brand of pickup truck you prefer!

No hillbillies were injured in the filming of this video.

A burning question

So, when we bought the investment property we noticed a giant, shallow hole in the yard just beyond the driveway. For weeks we’ve tried to figure out why it was there.

The Mister finally settled upon the idea that since the former resident was a mechanic that he dug out a shallow hole that he could drive over and then crawl into to work on vehicles. Neighbors said that was probably right, so, we’re going with that.

Further beyond that hole is a ginormous burn pile. I mean it’s huge. Probably 12 feet by 8 feet or more. It’s piled high with ashes.

The Mister said, let’s move some of those ashes into the hole and then put top soil on top of it. It will help us make the burn pile smaller and help us save money on fill dirt.

Friday was beautiful. I made my way out to the burn pile with shovel, pitch fork, rake, wheelbarrow and hopeful attitude.

Having seen some trash among the ashes the I thought I’d just be able to rake it out and put the sifted ashes into the barrow.

No dice. The ashes are overflowing with trash. There’s no way I would ever be able to put that into a shallow hole as fill. It would have to all be hauled off. Ashes are heavy. So is 2,000 pounds of fill dirt and 1,000 pounds of top soil.

In case you were wondering, here’s a short, non-comprehensive list to answer the burning question: What’s ok, and what’s not ok to burn?

What’s ok to burn:
• Wood.
• Things made from trees, including leaves, paper, cardboard.
• Organic things like grass clippings.
• Food. Oops, that marshmallow got too hot and fell of the stick.

What’s not ok to burn:

• Speakers
• Corningware.
• Silverware.
• Coffe cups.
• Lightbulbs.
• Car parts.
• Couches.
• Picture frames.
• Beer bottles.
• Soda cans.
• Toys.
• Starter fluid bottles.
• Oil cans.
• Tools.
• Glasses, both that you wear and that you drink out of.
• Whatever that is in the display picture at the top.

Editor’s note: This was submitted by our friend SNivens, great point!

• Poison plants. Do not burn them. Anyone who breathes the smoke can have a reaction in the lungs. Don’t put your neighbors or yourself at risk.👎🏼

Do yourself, your neighbors and the environment a favor, don’t burn your trash. Stick to the ok list.

Now it’s your turn. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve seen in a burn pile?

Look at what I can do!

Regular readers of this blog know that I like to do things fast and I don’t go near the edges. If you’re new to the blog, you can click here or here to see what I’m talking about.

So, what I’m about to say is going to blow your mind!

Are you ready?

That’s my hand, pictured at the top! Trimming! With actual paint and without tape or an edger!

I know, right!??!!

And I’m good at it.

Here’s the even weirder part:
I like it!
It’s fun!
It relaxes me!
I’m an edging maniac!

How did that happen?

Has anyone else experienced such a huge change in a work habit, almost over night? I’d love to hear about it!

Seven years bad luck? Ha!

Editor’s note: I added more at the very end.

When I arrived at the house yesterday I found pieces of a broken mirror littering the garage floor.

“What happened here?”

“I forgot there was a mirror on the back of a door and I dropped it.”

“Good thing we’re not superstitious.”

I used to be, then I became a Christian, started reading my Bible and tossed all the superstitions out the window. Much like I used to toss salt over my shoulder when I spilled it.

My interest in superstitions began as a young girl. I remember walking to the local library and checking out books on the subject, learning as much as I could.

There were the wishes:

  • I made my parents honk when going through a tunnel while I placed my hand on the car ceiling and made a wish.
  • When I saw a white horse in a field I’d lick my thumb, make a fist, wrap my other hand around it and make a wish.
  • Of course there was the turkey bone at Thanksgiving.
  • And the birthday cake!

There was luck:

  • I’d never walk under a ladder or cross the path of a black cat.
  • While walking down the sidewalk I wouldn’t dare step on a crack, unless I was mad at my mom. Sorry mom!
  • How many pennies did I not pick up because they were tails up? If they were heads up they would quickly find their way into my left shoe.
  • If someone gave me knives for a gift I’d have to pay them for them. Usually a quarter.
  • Oh, and the hairy arms. My childhood BFF Janice said if I had hairy arms I’d be rich.
  • And I no longer believe talking about something good will jinx it, much to the frustration of my bestie Deb.

I realize that some of our readers will think that Christianity is a superstition. I used to feel that way too. But now, years later, I’ve seen how Jesus has worked in my life and the lives of others. My life changed drastically when I started trusting in Him.

So I say bring on the black cats, the ladders, the broken mirrors and let’s talk about hopes and dreams. I’m not afraid!

I’d love to hear about the superstitions you’ve experienced over the years!

One last thing, this Sunday’s Easter. If you don’t have a church that you attend, consider finding one this week.

My friend Tammy notes some more on our Facebook page! How in the world did I forget these?

  • Knocking on wood.
  • Bad things happen in threes.
  • Wishing upon the first star of the night.
  • Sports rituals.
  • When the clasp of a necklace moves to the front, make a wish as you put it back in place.
  • Holding your breath as you pass a cemetery or go over a bridge.

When I came home there was a toilet in my front yard

The process of home improvement is, hmmm, slow, methodical, challenging, fun, exciting, maddening.

Bathrooms are especially maddening. There’s ALWAYS a surprise.

One time years ago I left for work and asked the Mister to paint the small bathroom while I was gone. We’d found this fantastic red and I couldn’t wait to see it!

When I came home there was a toilet in my front yard.

Yes, you read that right, he was to paint the bathroom. There was a toilet in the front yard. He’d found leak.

Fast forward 15 years and he’s working on this beauty.

Below: Note the rich rust tones in the stand up shower, the sky blue and white swirls of the faux marble sink top, the carpet wrapped toilet (thankfully the lid was down when I took this picture) and the hole in the floor with easy access to the crawl space.

Below: Here it is midway through the renovation. He gutted it. The only thing he saved was the medicine cabinet and the heating vent, neither are pictured here. Check back later for a final picture. We’re not quite finished yet.

Below: The hall bath wasn’t much better. It featured a brown toilet and sink, rust covered bathtub with tiny surface cracks, and nicotine stains that would make Phillip Morris proud. I was partial to the tile but it was too gross and/or damaged to keep, I just thought it looked kinda cool.

Below: After our dear friend Curt took out the tile and vanity.

Below:  Another view from before.

Below: Another midway view.

Below: After the Mister removed the tub.