A burning question

So, when we bought the investment property we noticed a giant, shallow hole in the yard just beyond the driveway. For weeks we’ve tried to figure out why it was there.

The Mister finally settled upon the idea that since the former resident was a mechanic that he dug out a shallow hole that he could drive over and then crawl into to work on vehicles. Neighbors said that was probably right, so, we’re going with that.

Further beyond that hole is a ginormous burn pile. I mean it’s huge. Probably 12 feet by 8 feet or more. It’s piled high with ashes.

The Mister said, let’s move some of those ashes into the hole and then put top soil on top of it. It will help us make the burn pile smaller and help us save money on fill dirt.

Friday was beautiful. I made my way out to the burn pile with shovel, pitch fork, rake, wheelbarrow and hopeful attitude.

Having seen some trash among the ashes the I thought I’d just be able to rake it out and put the sifted ashes into the barrow.

No dice. The ashes are overflowing with trash. There’s no way I would ever be able to put that into a shallow hole as fill. It would have to all be hauled off. Ashes are heavy. So is 2,000 pounds of fill dirt and 1,000 pounds of top soil.

In case you were wondering, here’s a short, non-comprehensive list to answer the burning question: What’s ok, and what’s not ok to burn?

What’s ok to burn:
• Wood.
• Things made from trees, including leaves, paper, cardboard.
• Organic things like grass clippings.
• Food. Oops, that marshmallow got too hot and fell of the stick.

What’s not ok to burn:

• Speakers
• Corningware.
• Silverware.
• Coffe cups.
• Lightbulbs.
• Car parts.
• Couches.
• Picture frames.
• Beer bottles.
• Soda cans.
• Toys.
• Starter fluid bottles.
• Oil cans.
• Tools.
• Glasses, both that you wear and that you drink out of.
• Whatever that is in the display picture at the top.

Editor’s note: This was submitted by our friend SNivens, great point!

• Poison plants. Do not burn them. Anyone who breathes the smoke can have a reaction in the lungs. Don’t put your neighbors or yourself at risk.👎🏼

Do yourself, your neighbors and the environment a favor, don’t burn your trash. Stick to the ok list.

Now it’s your turn. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve seen in a burn pile?