Q. Why is there a vice on my living room wall?

A. The Mister got bored again.

Since we listed the house he’s got time on his hands again. He spent a couple days last weekend cleaning out our garden shed. It was packed to the gills. A bunch of the stuff was from the former owner, including this really cool looking vintage, red vice.

Meanwhile, I had to work. Forgive me while I digress from our topic for a minute. I was photographing and taking video at two Change The Play summer camps. The Change the Play program was created Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Riley Children’s Health as a way to teach young people about the importance of good nutrition, exercise and general well-being. Children 5-13 are invited to join in the fun and learn while they’re at it. CTP also has a program for elementary schools called the Change the Play Challenge and an online Kids Club.

I took some fun pictures, here’s a few of my favorites.


Colts QB Stephen Morris came out to help too. Between passing footballs to the kids tended to some of their other needs.

When I came home Sunday evening I found this on the wall separating the living room from the kitchen:

The conversation went something like this:

I was like: What is this?

He was like: I knew you wouldn’t want me to throw that cool vice away.

I was like: What?

He was like: I found it in the shed.

I was like: You’re bored again, aren’t you?

He was like: I knew you’d like it.

We’re still not sure what we’re going to use it for. He swapped out that little piece of wood for a longer. Even though it help my freshly canned raspberry jam, it was too much.

I’d love to hear what you think we should do with the vice on the wall?